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admaDIC Spiromat

Screen Shot With the admaDIC Spiromat you can draw exciting spiral like figures. It runs on Windows, Mac OS and Unix/Linux (Java required). You can save your artwork to file, export pictures to PNG, JPG and SVG files ... [more]

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admaDIC Spiromat Applet (Free)

Spiromat figure A Spiromat shows so called hypotrochoid curves. With the admaDIC Spiromat you can display these figures. The inner ring can also be animated or controlled by mouse so you can see how the figures emerge in detail. [details]

If you don't have a fast internet connection, you may wish to look at the Lo-Fi-Version which loads faster and uses smaller libraries.

Don't forget to take a look at the full featured admaDIC Spiromat Application which has many more features.


admaDIC Calculator

Screen Shot The admaDIC Calculator is the platform independent and visually optimized solution for your calculations. You can run the software under Windows, Unix (like Linux) or Mac OS so you are independent from the operating system used ... [more]

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Matrx - Matrix Calculations

Screen Shot Matrix Calculations (Matrx) is a plugin-module for the admaDIC Calculator. It offers simple calculations for matrices with an easy to use interface. ... [more]

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MaSCa - Materials Science Calculations

Screen ShotMaterial Science Calculations (MaSCa) is a plugin-module for the admaDIC Calculator. It offers every day calculations for materials testers ... [more]

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InDXp - Industrial Designed Experiments

Screen ShotIndustrial Designed Experiments (InDXp) is a plugin-module for the admaDIC Calculator. It helps designing, carrying out, and analyzing 2-level industrial designed experiments to determine the important inputs or factors for a process ... [more]

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